Plug & The Paddywhacks is an interactive storybook series for kids, delivered monthly to your iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch®.

  • Redemptive Story.

    A tale of two worlds in the tradition of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, Plug & The Paddywhacks is an epic adventure that illustrates the effect of our choices, the power of redemption, and the difference one person can make in the world.

  • Mobile Experience.

    Taking full advantage of Apple's iOS platform and products, Plug & The Paddywhacks immerses kids in an engaging mobile experience that can go wherever you go-whether around the world on vacation or across town for errands.

  • Delivered Monthly.

    The adventure of Plug & The Paddywhacks unfolds month by month, delivering fresh content wirelessly to your favorite iOS devices.

Plug & The Paddywhacks provides kids with an
engaging experience that parents can feel good about.

  • Entertainment.

    From its vivid art to the captivating story, engaging characters, and original music, kids love Plug & The Paddywhacks—a brand that delivers redemptive content without compromising the quality experience that kids have come to expect.

  • Enlightenment.

    Plug & The Paddywhacks doesn’t just entertain kids—it also challenges them with important life lessons. The story’s allegorical content provides a platform for parents to engage kids in important conversations about their worldview and character.

  • plug
  • team
  • ivy

A tale of two worlds, Plug & The Paddywhacks are about
to discover a whole new life outside The Plex.

  • The Paddywhacks.

    Paddywhacks are supposed to live in The Plex. At least that’s what Plug and his friends were taught. But something inside tells them there’s more to life than the easy, automated world they’ve always known.

  • The Plex.

    When a mysterious figure breaks Plug and his friends out of the Plex, everything the Paddywhacks thought they knew about the world unravels. And that’s when the adventure begins!

Featuring original music by critically acclaimed
singer-songwriter Denison Witmer.

  • Original Music.

    Each Plug & The Paddywhacks issue includes an original musical score and features an exclusive song inspired by the story—written and performed by critically acclaimed artist Denison Witmer and friends.

  • Available on iTunes®.

    Chances are, you’ll love the music from Plug & The Paddywhacks as much as your kids do. Whoever you’re buying it for, all of the music from the series is available for download on iTunes.

Meet the Paddywhacks.

  • Plug

    Even among Paddywhacks, Plug sticks out like a sore thumb. He’s big, he’s clumsy, and to top it all off, he’s bright orange! But size and color are the least of Plug's worries when he finds out that he’s been chosen for a dangerous mission.

  • Ivy

    It’s unfortunate that Ivy’s incredible book smarts have to be filtered through her social awkwardness, because quite a bit of her genius gets lost in translation. Still, it’s anybody’s guess where the Paddywhacks would be without her!

  • Lloyd

    Short, shy, and armless? Poor Lloyd has plenty of problems, but what he lacks in arms he makes up for in heart. Don’t underestimate this little guy — you’ll definitely live to regret it!

  • Pixie

    Peppy, pink, and never pessimistic—that’s Pixie! Her unshakable optimism and bubbly personality might be overwhelming at times, but when things look bad, she’s often the only one who’s able to see the bright side.

  • Fitz

    When you’ve got four feet, you’re bound to have a little extra kick! Fitz’s gravelly voice goes perfect with his gritty personality—but if he’s not careful, those sour grapes are going to get him and his friends into some serious trouble.

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    The Plug & The Paddywhacks app, along with the first issue, are free and available for download in the App StoreSM. Download your copy today and join the adventure!

  • Subscribe & Save.

    New issues are available ten times a year. The first issue is free; each additional issue is just $0.99. Better yet, get the Season Pass for $5.99 and save 33% on issues 02-10!

  • All Your Devices.

    Plug & The Paddywhacks is a “plus app” that works seamlessly across all of your iOS devices. And thanks to iCloud from Apple, it’s never been easier.

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